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10 tips in preparation for your Chinese customers

When Chinese travellers research their holiday, they take certain superstitious and cultural factors into consideration.  Create a welcoming stay and encourage repeat business through these simple steps.

Top Tips For Hospitality Businesses

    1. Feng shui and position of a room should be considered
    2. Chinese customers expect to pay with Alipay payment solutions via their phones
    3. Luna calendar dates
    4. Status is important to Chinese guests
    5. Chinese customers are used to service. Use trained staff when dealing with them
    6. Be aware of superstitions around floor and room numbers. 6,8,9 are lucky. 4 is the death number and very unlucky.
    7. Provide explanations of Mini-bar pricing in simplified Chinese
    8. Provide an electric jug and Chinese or herbal tea sachets
    9. Supply Welcome information in simplified Chinese (in compendium, TV channel or iPad)
    10. If possible, provide Chinese newspapers (daily)

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