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10 tips in preparation for your Chinese customers

Chinese visitors have specific dining preferences and customs ingrained in their culture.  Create a preeminent customer experience and encourage repeat business through these simple steps.


Top Tips For Hospitality Businesses

  1. Chinese patrons prefer to sit at round tables as opposed to square
  2. They expect to pay with Alipay payment solutions via their phones
  3. Warm water or room temperature water should always be on option
  4. Ensure chopsticks are a part of the cutlery set
  5. Chinese customers are used to service. Use trained staff when dealing with them
  6. Menus should be provided in both Chinese and English (upload for translation hereyou must be logged in for this service)
  7. As most Chinese like to share dishes, it’s preferable to provide side plates.
  8. Make clear smoking is illegal where food is served. The use of internationally recognised signage is acceptable.
  9. If providing a buffet, include discrete signs in simplified Chinese or pictures identifying the dishes and key ingredients.
  10. If you serve meat cooked to order, provide information in simplified Chinese on how they can choose how well done they want it.

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