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10 tips in preparation for your Chinese customers

Chinese visitors spend an average of $8,000 per trip to Australia.  Consider these cultural difference when welcoming Chinese shoppers to enable quick transactions and create a leadingretail experience.

Top Tips For The Retail Sector

    1. Chinese shoppers place a lot of importance on status
    2. They expect to pay with Alipay payment solutions via their phones
    3. They have a tendency to be demanding, abrupt and appear rude to English speakers
    4. These shopping dates are extremely important. Singles Day (11th November) & Double 12 (12th December)
    5. Chinese customers are used to service. Use trained staff when dealing with them
    6. Chinese are more brand loyal than Western shoppers
    7. Digital platforms are important components of the shopping experience
    8. They love a bargain but price is no longer paramount
    9. Shopping makes Chinese people ‘happy’
    10. Chinese shoppers do exhaustive research and prefer foreign products

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